Saturday, December 15, 2012

December daze #15

Some people must have amazing memories or amazing lives! I think mine is pretty incredible really , however this day's prompt has me really wondering how do people remember this fine detail?....

What was the most extraordinary dish you sampled in 2012? What made it so magical? 

It needn't be the most extravagant dish, just the one that knocked your socks off with its flavour, texture, aroma, freshness, colour, significance, timing… whatever. Relive the magic and help us savour it with you here.

Then when one actually has a habit of photographing whatever sits in front of them however briefly (ie a meal) hen one has a means by which to remember those extravagant things. It also means I have a justification for taking photos of my meals so that I can recall them for the review of the year.

 Most Sunday lunches in NYC will find me at Aoki the Japanese restaurant over the road. Great sushi and shrimp dumplings.

 My attempts at creating solo meals that provide solace and "company".
 The journey home to Australia and delightful "ethnic" dinner meal of multiple courses- each a delight in itself. The meal was evidence that the company at meal time and the conversation add to the "significance" and "timing" of the experience.

 Aah soup on a cold day- Michele's wonderful pea and ham! The company, the texture of the soup, the way food and the "event" it warms the cockles of your heart.

 I taught myself to make "little pies" and these little thai chicken pies courtesy of the Women's weekly pie cook book are a treat!

 The whole event that was the Melbourne celebration (4 months early) for my birthday involved food and these delightful cup cakes- the ones on the plate not necessarily Michele and I!

 Doing schools reviews brought great tase sensations too especially at two places- these are the scones and jam and cream from morning tea.

 For Dylan every meal is a taste sensation!

 The company of long times friends and neighbours from childhood, provides the "flavour" and the "aroma" to this meal.

 The simplicity of taste is often one that grabs the taste buds and lamingtons and a cup of coffee have great texture.
Mates from more recent times, sharing a meal that is home cooked with great conversation and laughter adding spice to the experience.

 Afternoon tea at the Hopetoun Tearooms shared with a loved and loving friend. Savouring our time together.

 The meals at Une Autre Maison- breakfast what a treat!

 Then our picnic lunches!

 A birthday dinner with great friends and my lovely sister.

 The adventure of getting to this great restaurant for dinner away from Nyons certainly added spice to the meal.

 Then the preparations for the Christmas pudding.

 Stirring it!
 And licking the beaters!

 Another of my new stand by meals- suki yaki.

And thus it is no surprise that one of my 13 in 13 at #7 is kilorams to lose!

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