Sunday, December 23, 2012

December daze #23

Name three excuses -- stories you tell yourself that are holding you back -- that you are going to let go of in 2013.

Well this is getting personal again!

My three excuses I will let go of are
1. I haven't got time.
I either sit around wasting time saying I haven't got time or I don't set up my art journaling or scrapbooking stuff saying i haven't got time and I will have to leave a mess and i don't like mess but mess is all around me now as i write and nothing terrible has happened!

2. I'm too tired to walk/exercise today

It's been a long commute or I am in a place where there is nowhere to walk or I'm just bone idle!

3. I've got nothing to say

I don't write emails, letters or blog posts because of #1 excuse or I have nothing to say- I have done nothing, I can't think of anything but when I actually get down and do it as I am doing now I feel great and that I have actually achieved something. Having no work over the Christmas break possibly helps in this case!

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Michele said...

Nothing to say?? That's not the Celia I know