Saturday, December 29, 2012

December daze #29

Yay! at last something I can actually write about that I did and have planned for....

What word did you select to be your travelling companion in 2012? What gifts did this word bring?

What word will you choose to guide you through 2013? What do you hope it will bring into your life?

For 2012 I chose the word "empowered" as I needed it to get me on the road to being "me" again. It brought me great solace and did in fact empower me to feel that I was connecting with myself and my surroundings. I feel that I have gotten over the hump that was in the way of my continued growth and happiness here in NYC and in life in general. Things have gone wrong during the year, as one would expect, but I have recovered from them much faster because I have felt more empowered than I did in the previous months/year.

My word for 2013 as I have said in previous posts is "Live". I had contemplated using empowered again but felt that was a little bit cheating (myself more than anything else). I chose Live because that will actually empower me to Laugh, Love, and all  manner of things.


Michele said...

“To live is to be musical, starting with the blood dancing in your veins. Everything living has a rhythm. Do you feel your music?”
― Michael Jackson
May your music be lively

Celia said...

Love that idea Mich!